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Cutting Board

This cutting board is a project for my advanced woodworking class. The purpose of this project was to design a cutting board and include lamination of wood. The wood supplied to me was white oak, red oak, and poplar. I focused my idea of the cutting board on geometry, deciding on a simple-looking, yet difficult to accomplish piece that took strategy and a long planning period.

Log Cabin

This lamp project was assigned to me in my three-dimensional design class where I was asked to construct a lamp out of wood using the various tools in the woodshop. This project took physical effort, patience, math, and problem-solving skills that I will take with me through every project moving forward.

Floating Pyramid

For my three-dimensional class, I was instructed to first create 10 standing designs out of paper. After picking my favorite design, I was to then experiment with how to create this same design into a foot-long wooden sculpture. Practicing many times with scrap wood, I finally understood the strategy and mathematics of how to properly construct a wooden pyramid and used screws to create the floating pyramid on top.

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