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Birth of the Virgin

This is another digital painting that I did of Pietro Lorenzetti's Birth of the Virgin, using Adobe Illustrator. This artwork was a side piece to my research paper about the methods and strategies used by Pietro Lorenzetti during the Italian Renaissance era.


This is a poster design for my art history class. For my project, I created a digital painting of Caravaggio's Narcissus and made that into a poster design for a mock play based off of the story of Narcissus. I used Adobe Illustrator to make small shapes that make up the full image. Although this project was time consuming, I had so much fun recreating a digital painting from Caravaggio.

Tyler the Creator CD Cover

As an assignment given in my graphic design class, I was instructed to create a CD cover design in Adobe Illustrator. I feel inspired by Tyler the Creator and the various designs I see of him. I incorporated flowers for my favorite album of his called Flower Boy.

Self Portrait

For my graphic design class, I was instructed to use Adobe Photoshop to cut myself out of a picture and lay it on the background of another picture with a background that I desired. From then, I took this new photo into Adobe Illustrator where I used various tools to create tiny shapes that make up the entire picture. I used the pen tool to make a small shape on top of the picture and the eyedropper tool to take the exact color from the picture. After working for a long time, I now have this artwork based off the original picture.

Car Design

For this project, I was asked to create a car, based off my research of other cars, and create a new or hybrid car that offers something new to the client. Here I have chosen to combine a vintage style Cadillac with monster truck style wheels.


For this project, I was instructed to complete an infographic on whatever I pleased. I love my dog, so I chose to do my research on the benefits of having a dog. This project is for my typography class, so many parts to my design involved finding creative ways to express text.

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