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ChillDawg logo

ChillDawg is a fictitious company I have created as my senior thesis project. Within this project I have products, branding, logo design, packaging, web design, and more found in this portfolio. The ChillDawg logo is a simplistic design, created to captivate an audience with the use of positive and negative space. A simplistic and easily recognizable logo is key for building a well branded company.

Anchor Engineer Logo Rebrand

I work at Oldcastle APG, where we were asked by Anchor Engineering to design a new logo for their re-branding. After completing my design, I was delighted to have my design chosen by their company as a finalist.

Babylon logo

Babylon is a fictitious hotel I have created for a project. The hotel design for the Babylon is inspired by the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon, with architecture and sculptures based off of the conceptual art of this ancient wonder. The bow and arrow, forming a B, is reminiscent to the times of antiquity, with an angular arrow shifting the eyes towards the name of the hotel. The serif font I have created is used to show historical meaning.


HBCU bookstore logo

With this freelance design, I have created a logo for a client in the process of creating an online bookstore for HBCU students. I enjoy working with all sorts of non profit organizations and was delighted to be able to create a logo that could be used for students. I used a collegiate font as reference when creating my own version of this font style to represent college. The letters are built upon each other as building blocks, symbolizing students learning, underneath an open book.

Freefall Logo

Freefall is a fictional skydiving company I created in my graphic design class. I was asked to design my first logo based off the company I chose. After a lot of trial and error, I decided to not create a logo that was only a graphic of exactly what the company was and focused more on movement and somewhat abstract shapes.

3 Cent Studio Logo

I used Adobe Illustrator to design the official logo for the new 3 Cent Studio residency program. The house featured in the logo is the general store, across the street from Three Centuries Farm and the tractor barn, where the residency students worked together and spent our time.

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