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Sparta, GA Postcards

I spent six weeks working at a residency program in Sparta, GA called 3 Cent Studio at Three Centuries Farm that focused on architecture, graphic design, and filmmaking. Together, we re-built an unused and dilapidated tractor barn into a community events space that could be used by the residents of Sparta. After re-building the tractor barn, we held a festival to attract more people to this rural city, where I showed off my poster designs, flyers, logo design, and passed out my postcards. These postcards were made from pictures I took and brought into Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Birthday Poster

Using Adobe Illustrator, I created my friend's birthday poster. The graphic of my friend is done in the same style as her favorite TV show. My goal was to make my friend look like her own version of a character from the show Rick and Morty.

Baby Yoda

This graphic was a side project that I did for a friend. I used photoshop and illustrator to create a quick and fun design that they would enjoy as a screensaver.

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