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ChillDawg logo

ChillDawg is a fictitious company I have created as my senior thesis project. Within this project I have products, branding, logo design, packaging, web design, and more. The ChillDawg logo is a simplistic design, created to captivate an audience with the use of positive and negative space. A simplistic and easily recognizable logo is key for building a well branded company.

ChillDawg Poster

This is a larger poster I did for my capstone project, utilizing space and simplicity. My focus for this poster was to create a fun advertisement that uses the theme color for the company, as well as a simplistic touch that ties in with the logo. The purpose of my posters is to advertise a chic and simple look that the audience can gravitate to, in hopes of learning more about the company. 

ChillDawg Poster

With this poster, I have more information on the main product. The main product is a portable cooling dog mat used to regulate a pet's body temperature on hot pavement as well as keep them from laying on a dirty surface outside. With this advertisement, the audience can see the product as well as it's benefits.

Koi Dog Mat

Many designs for the portable cooling dog mats were created with the idea of having a pet product that does not have the typical cliché designs most pet products do. ChillDawg designs were created for those pet owners who not only want to take care of their pet, but also want a sense of self expression within the products they buy.

Dragon Dog Mat

The dragon dog mat design is another portable cooling dog mat for the more edgy buyers.

Black and White Dog Mat

This is one of the designs for the portable cooling dog mat. This mat design is for the buyers who enjoy the logo and branding.

Trippy Space Dog Mat

This dog mat design is for the more colorful and fun loving audience. The two main themes of the ChillDawg company are pet care and self expression. It is important to have a variety of designs for a diverse audience.

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